Crowfoot (plant)


Ranunculus Acris. It is also called Frogs- foot, Crowfoot, Gold Cups, King's Knob, Poults, Butter-flowers, and Butter-cups. The most common Crowfoot hath many dark green leaves, cut into divers parts, in taste biting and sharp, biting and blistering the tongue; it bears many flowers, and those of a bright resplendent yellow colour. They grow very common every where, especially in fields.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Crowfoot:

This fiery and hot-spirited herb is not fit to be given inwardly; but an ointment of the leaves or flowers will raise a blister, and may be applied to the nape of the neck to draw rheum from the eyes. The herb being bruised and mixed with a little mustard, raises a blister as perfectly as Cantharides, and with far less danger
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