Hordeum Pretense, or Districhum, or Perlatum. It is so well known as a cereal, or in its prepared state, Pearl Barley, as to require no description.

Barley in all its compositions (except malt) is more cooling than wheat, and a little cleansing. Barley-water, and all other preparations of Barley, give nourishment in fevers, agues, and heats in the stomach. A poultice made of barley-meal or flour boiled in vinegar and honey, and a few dry figs put in them, dissolves hard imposthumes, and reduces inflammations. Combined with mellilot, camomile-flowers, linseed, fenugreek, and rue in powder, and applied warm it eases pains in the side and stomach, and flatulence.

The meal of barley and fleaworts boiled in water, and made a poultice with honey and oil of lilies, applied warm, cures swellings under the ears, throat, neck, etcetera., and a plaister made thereof with tar, wax, and oil, is good for the king's evil; boiled with vinegar and quince, it removes the pains of gout; barley flour, salt, honey, and vinegar mingled together, cure the itch.

The water distilled from the green barley in the end of May, is very good for humours in the eyes, and dropped into them allays pain. To make Barley Water :—Take 2 or 3 ounces of Pearl, or French Barley, wash it first in cold water, then in hot water; then boil in 2 quarts of water till reduced to 1 quart, and strain.

It is an excellent diluent drink in fevers; it is very soothing for inflamed mucous surfaces, especially those of the urinary organs; it may be improved by a few slices of lemon. It may be made into a laxative by adding chopped figs and stoned raisins and liquorice-root. The demulcent properties may be increased by the addition of an ounce of Gum Arabic.
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