Encyclopedia of Herbal Remedies

This website is an online encyclopedia of herbal remedies, based on a book called the Family Herbal published in the 1800s.

The information from that book which is reproduced on this website reflects the herbalist's knowledge of the different uses of plants and herbs at that time. Obviously in the past two centuries there have been many advances in medical knowledge and in the understanding of how herbs and other natural remedies can aid in the promotion of health. Much of the information presented herein including information on the various medicinal property of herbs and plants, as well as instructions on how to prepare herbs for the treatment of various illnesses is obsolete and may even be dangerous. Do not use any of the herbs discusses on this website without first seeking the advice of a medical doctor. Even when the text on this website may seem to give a "prescription" on how to use a herb or plant or combination thereof, understand that the recipes on this website were taken directly from the "Family Herbal" written over 200 years ago. Would you take medical advice from a doctor whose training was two hundred years out of date? We didn't think so. So exercise your common sense when reading this site.

As such, you should not interpret the text of this site as giving medical advice or advice on how to treat any condition or disease. Always seek the advice of a competent medical practitioner regarding any health questions.

So how can this site be used? It is primarily of historical interest and as an encyclopedia of the traditional or folkloric uses of various herbs and plant products.

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